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A NEW LOOK AT ROULETTE,  Combining the best of everyones idea’s.  Prediction METHOD.
Posted: 16 June 2013 10:14 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Yes been a while between posts.

Easy System no.1 Is you got to do a progression between tables.  An easy one is BBB then when you see BB at another table Bet R.  If Lose wait again.  Like is doubles
your more likely to GET BBB at the one table than multiple.

8 to 1 is any 3 50/50 combo RRR BRB HLL So you have 3/4 of winning by staying in sets of 3’s So if it’s a R, 2nd Bet R, if you win.  But progress if you Lose if it’s R B the 3rd bet must be R B B, you just follow the previous bet. RRR RRB RBB RBR BBB BBR BRR BRB So only 1/4 you will lose?

Method 3 Did you know on average a double should come up every 36 spins.  The odds are 1396 for any double 0 0 5 5 32 32.  But on Average it’s every 80 spins you get a double, sometimes twice in 10 spins.

Sic BO (3 dice) Pay 180 to 1 for specific double, but 30 to 1 on any double.  Using that principal.  using Random no. generator I see the average 80 for a double.  So progress Flat on one number when you find a 60 gap. Start 2.50 then increase?  Is this INFALLIBLE?  So far I see it is.  just Bet on the same number.  Then every 1396 are the odds for any tripple, so again say it’s every 3000 you get a tripple. 3 3 3.

Anyhow cast that aside Imagine this again left side or Right side of ZERO. In principal or RRRRR BBBBB

1st Fact Any 5 combination is 32 to 1.  Any Roulette no. is 37 to 1 and you get doubles.  8-15 Per 37 Set.

Imagine Numbering all combinations with a number like No.1 Equals RRRRR No.1 RRRBB No. 3 RRBBB and so all until you have all 32 combinations.

So you see how 37 to one behaves on the wheel.  Some times you get doubles.  So these set sequences behave the same way.  Say No. 1 and 5 combo come up back to back You’ll have RRRRR RRBRR so these 2 Only have one Black and they both repeated.

Anyhow just saying.  Use Matrix.

No.4 Behaviour of Colums.  So any 2 columns combo is 9-1 Say Column 1 comes up then no.2,  Then 1-3 2-3 1-1 ect it’s 9-1 possible combo’s So 46-72 spins on average 1-3 combo’s won’t appear.

Then for some REASON on Average 7 COMBO’s won’t appear in a 18 spin set so you might get 1-2 1-2 1-2 2-2 2-1 1-2 So all I’m saying it patience and you can get hot numbers and sectors. 

Wait for 4-5 Sets where it’s average then have a punt, get the MONEY is doubling or trippling up.

Anyhow How this is food for thought, studying behaviours, no I don’t have a betting system.  Just a flat betting system.

As I say ONE THING that 50/50 bets over 3/4 of the time will land on the same side and that’s because the sets of 3 being 8-1 3/4 involves that principal RRB RBB Don’t put all you eggs in one basket.

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