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How to make a roulette progression…..
Posted: 15 November 2014 12:45 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 31 ]
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DSLEEP - 26 September 2010 02:19 AM

Progression is a very dangerous neighborhood to hang around in. In my opinion, it takes a powerful method to even consider adding any level of progression. I have tested so many so called “Fire Proof” methods to share the results with you all. For some, the conclusion turned out very astonishing;for most, the sum was simply failure within 1.000 hands(spins). The truth is, just about anything can and will work at first. The million dollar question is, for how long? Keep this in mind people, there are complex levels of progression that can be safe more likely than not; even these levels are dangerous. Also, there is no such thing as a 100% safe method to use at any form of Roulette, why?; the answer is rather simple, UNCERTAINTY!!... Just like life, how can one really know the path of life ahead of time, before it happens, everyday, every hour? If we play long enough, chance will avoid us. The question is, will our method endure until we are engaged again? Advanced methods last longer than others weather we agree or not. (Read my threads) If progression must remain, you must first examine your very own method(s). Of course it works, right? For how long is the question. So, find out. Practice at bodog.com for free. If you can bet the RNG 1.000 spins a day for a week straight, it is a sign of progress. Roulette online is like a pilot training in a flight simulator. If you are having any type of trouble with reaching at least 1.000 spins of success, your domain is matched up with more than one range{not a function}. In other words, I suggest you try something else. So many ways to win short-term, which ever way one may choose, have fun and good luck.
                                                  DSLEEP, 28, Vicksburg, MS

Yes if U follow the Progression formula, U will hit the max bet and die… BUT if U use Ur brain U can modify it and use it….that’s Y, U must personally see my demo and my maths genius in mental calculation can modify betting within the 4o second betting time.


I found the secret but not advisable for play as I hv better formula and better profit for Liner and Street Bets….

This is because U are not confident to win and U lack knowledge of real system that really can win in per hour rate (500 RM to 5000 RM per hour)

dun play luck, play by capital and mathematics….

““Martingale System has already evolved , and I accidentally found the secret and solve the catch…the above “double up” play for Even Bet is OUTDATED LONG AGO.  Don’t ever play OUTSIDE BET, BE IT EVEN MONEY BET OR THE COLUMN BET, BECAUSE THE PROFIT IS LOW AND RISK IS HIGH (CAN ALSO MODIFY IT IF POSSIBLE)  Many has used 1,3,7,15,31 progressive series and not 1,2,4 8,,,,,,,for Martingale System and even HOT in Playing Baccarat, and killed their bankroll.

Just bring along RM 3,000 come and meet me at Casino de Genting Malaysia, so U will be safe and comfortable to win from RM 500 to 5000 depends on the system I used and the longer U play the longer Ur bankrolled and safe/self financed…Come since Land Base Casino is No Cheat with CCTV and safe. “”

Posted: 19 April 2016 01:04 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 32 ]
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Its really simple: the martingale is nothing but different size bets on different spins. There is no real connection between each spin. The odds of 1 number spinning is 1/37. Same as the next spin, and the next. If you increase the bet size after losses, all you do is risk losing more.

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