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Five Quadrant Compensation System Template
Posted: 27 September 2010 04:53 PM   [ Ignore ]
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1 chip on 0/00 split, and numbers 3,6,9,12
2chips on 1,4,7,10
3 chips on 14,17,20,23
4 chips on 27,30,33,36
5 chips on 25,28,31,34
8 chips on first column of 12
12 chips on second 12, and second column of 12
16 chips on third column of 12
24 chips on first 12
21 chips on 0,00
175 total

1 chip on 3,6
2 chips on 9,12,1,4
3 chips on 7,10,14,17
4 chips on 20,23,27,30
5 chips on 33,36,25,28
6 chips on first column of 12, and numbers 31,34
13 chips on second 12, and second column of 12
16 chips on 3rd column of 12
18 chips on first 12
25 chips on 0,and 00
186 total

It’s a template.  Like a pottery mold.  You can plug in the numbers, and create your own custom roulette system that you’ve contracted yourself by using these patterns.  Not necessarily using the same amount of chips on the layout.  Remember, it’s just a theory.  I was hoping someone might take an interest in it.  Someone who still believes that the HG is still out there regardless of computers, Einstein, and self professed professionals around the world. It is lurking just below the surface.  I think these betting systems may hold the key to the winning combination.  I really don’t know.  I’ll bet that no matter who you talk to they will tell you that it is extremely difficult to win at AR continuously over, and over again.The people who review these systems are much too unforgiving.  They want nothing less than a guaranteed outcome when nothing in life is guaranteed.

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