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“5/37 chance pays 30 chips profit.”  Genius Reports!
Posted: 13 December 2014 11:08 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Joined  2012-05-18

To All You Hopeless and Inanimated Objects,

          Our one and only self acclaimed forum genius, who has
    now declared all us so called “system junkies” soulless and to
    some degree brainless, especially myself.

          He has now discovered some new form of math to which
    all of you should take close attention. If any of you play $1 on
    any 5 numbers straight up and win, be thankful to pick up your
    $36. The new “MATH” now is you have a $30 profit as far as
    our forum genius has pointed out to me. Since he considers
    me hopeless and soulless without a brain, I will except this new
    MATH as a gift from my dear friend Sergiy.

    Update!!!! We have another 40 year roulette genius, Houston who has
                discovered for us “system junkies” a new way to reduce the
                house edge. Forget all your crazy systems and notify the
                Wizard of Odds that just playing the last 5 numbers

                    “WILL REDUCE THE HOUSE EDGE”


              Sergiy’s latest attempt you clean up his stupidity is that

              “36-1 yours- 4 lost- 1 for dealler= 36- 6= 30.”

              Sergiy good try, but the fact still remains whether you give the
              dealer a $1 or not, YOU STILL MADE $31 PROFIT ON THE BET!!

              It’s clear now by your latest answer you had to get your pencil
              and pad out and figure that one out. You’ve proved the fool you
              really are. I must admit it was a good effort trying to clean up your
              foolishness, maybe next time you wouldn’t be so quick with your comments!
              Funny you can remember the numbers on the wheel but simple
              math is so hard to remember! How’s it feel to be the fool you
              proved yourself to me! How long did it take you to think about
              the $1 for the dealer? Hilarious and priceless!


“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!”

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