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Question about roulettephysics scam or not ?
Posted: 09 March 2015 01:37 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi I’m new here.

I need your opinion.

I’ve found on the Internet this page
Is Serious or Scam? The owner and the seller is called Steve H.

Has anyone about real information, experiences or reports and can help me with it. I’m interested in on Jaa software and roulette computer.


Posted: 09 March 2015 01:40 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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On the internet I’ve found about his past a few things.
Is this the same person?

Thanks for your help

Greeting grin

Posted: 03 May 2017 08:10 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]
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Yes, RoulettePhysics dotcom is a scam.

JAA Cross-Reference Roulette System is also a scam.

The Roulette Computer sold by RoulettePhysics dotcom and Roulette-Computers dotcom is also a scam.

The owner of RoulettePhysics dotcom and those roulette systems is a known internet scammer named “Steve Hourmouzis” who has already done jail time for scamming people.  He lives in Australia.

Search for “roulettephysics scam” and you’ll get plenty of detailed results.

For example, below I copied and pasted from one of the results (a reputable Scam Warning site) written by one of his victims:

RoulettePhysics dotcom is a scam run by convicted scammer Steve Hourmouzis who has done jail time for scamming investors through an illegal pump & dump scheme and is now scamming roulette players with his bogus systems and tools using similar tactics by pumping his bogus roulette systems and computers through fake reviews on fake sites that he owns and runs.

He makes you sign an NDA (confidentiality agreement) so you can’t tell others about your horrible experience.

He makes you pay by Bank Transfer so you can’t get a refund.

He creates fake review sites to tout his own bogus roulette systems and computers so that they seem legitimate when they’re not.

He owns all the roulette forums so that he can control the public narrative about his bogus roulette systems and computers.

Do not give Steve Hourmouzis or RoulettePhysics dotcom ANY money or you will NEVER get it back.

His roulette systems and computers do NOT work. I was scammed and I NEVER got my money back despite asking for it repeatedly and providing evidence that his systems and computers did not work.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

He’s a charmer and a schmoozer and will convince you of anything. That’s how he was able to scam investors, and that’s how he’s able to scam gullible roulette enthusiasts like me.

Just google: steve hourmouzis sec stock scam

This clever scammer keeps changing his first name to make it harder to dig up the truth about him, and that’s why I couldn’t find anything on him when I decided to send him money for his systems and computers which ended up being a COMPLETE scam.

He has gone by Stephen, Stefano, Steven, and Steve Hourmouzis.

I wish I had known that sooner as there is a TON of information about this chameleon scammer under all those different first names and about all the scams he’s been peddling for over a decade!

In the end, I lost my money, just like the investors he scammed.

I’m not the only one he’s scammed with his bogus roulette systems and computers, there are MANY of us who’ve been scammed by Steve Hourmouzis but most are afraid to speak out because of the NDA (confidentiality agreement) that he forces you to agree to. These victims don’t want to lose more than they already have by being sued for breaching it.

I have nothing left to lose as I’ve already lost it all with his bogus systems and computers, so he can feel free to sue me as there is nothing left for him to take.

This is the first review on this site and about this scam. Watch the fake “positive” reviews start to flood in after this review. Don’t believe ANY of them, they are all fake and written by Steve Hourmouzis himself like the fake reviews he writes about his bogus systems and computers on his fake roulette system review sites.

Do. Not. Send. Him. Money. Or. You. Will. Never. See. It. Again.

Tip for consumers: Avoid this scam. They will make you sign a confidentiality agreement so you can’t tell anyone you were scammed. You will never see your money back since they force you to pay by bank transfer. The owner is a convicted scammer who has done jail time for defrauding people. Their roulette systems and tools are rubbish and do not work. You have been warned.

A bunch of us are trying to spread the word about this scammer because he’s actually swindling a lot of people and making a killing from it and he’s able to keep finding victims to prey on because he owns almost every roulette site out there and therefore controls the narrative about his systems which he of course touts as being “legit”. Since his victims only ever see the fake positive info about his site and systems, they fall for it, again and again. We’re trying to change that so that word gets out about this very extensive and well-thought-out scam.

Hope this helps save a few more people from falling for the same scam.

Posted: 04 May 2017 05:59 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]
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Jaa… wouldn’t work, it’s stupidity ! There are ways to do it right, but need to make homework properly. I got similar software ( l do not share) wich works. To create multivariable analysis software need to know multivariate statistics,  that’s all about it.
  His computer might work, he posted ” simulator ” that actually made sense. 
      For roulette computers in general… if making one, KEEP IT SIMPLE. Folks who make computers normally fail to address needs of player. Computer gonna be as good as player who operates it. It includes clicking errors, eyesight, ... ets.  It’s virtually imposible to make a computer that gonna make desisions instead of player, many try and fail miserable.

Posted: 04 May 2017 10:41 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 4 ]
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