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Posted: 01 September 2015 03:56 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Joined  2015-08-12

Maybe any of you dont know who Kelvin Bakker the admin behind moneymakermachine and rouletteplayer scams, IF i post some of his agressive numerous email i receive from him immediately i told him about my loss with his junks softwares and the video screenshot i have as a proof, You will all understand with me that Kelvin Bakker of moneymakermachine and also admin of roulette player and online-roulette-systems.info where he hugely gives all his scam software huge rating reviews to scam people and discredit other people work thus gives his Groan forum where members are running after shadow huge rating over other roulette forum and also some of his interview i saw on this blog i stumbled across before buying the Junk software omanjacek.blogspot.com/2011/09/brilliant-roulette-systems-casino.html , Everyone will agree with me that this Guy is not only a fraud but also a Poor bitch who is only interested in your money. He claim to be giving a service, Can anyone tells me if Teamviewer belong to his father or mother cos i see teamviewer is a free service. Moreover, am still doing my investigation to know if One silver from his forum has anything to do with Kelvin as there is no way you can escape from The fellow using username silver as Kelvin will definately direct you to that Guy where you will eventually be paying an additional money from below $25 to this people for your own strategy into the Junk this criminal in kelvin is selling. He claim Money is nothin to him but he cannot avoid to refund a common $272.25 back to a dis-satisfied clients, A client that he already in every respect of life knows he no longer have possession of all those Killer software of his again. KELVIN BAKKER, I know you are a very smart criminal, All your email exchange is currently being collated, all those you sent to paypal and avangate and how you tag your customer whose username is IBUKUN on your Groan forum as every evidence to expose to the whole world how violence you are is currently being reviewed. You will cough out that Money.

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