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old roulette strategie is possible again !
Posted: 26 May 2016 04:32 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hello all !

I am Roy and I do like an online / offline game (over 30 years)


Now I have a similar question to everyone

I myself play the most roulette, I think this for years one of the most fun games out there at the casino.

For some “older” players among us ... you know probably remember that there used to roulette was a strategy where you always won it!

The strategy was as follows:

You put 10, - Euro on red.

If he won fell to red you had 10 million (logical)

he fell to red then you did your next bet 20, - Euros on red.

he fell to red you got 40 euro back (1st bet 10, - EUR + 2 bet 20, - EUR = 30, - Euro)

total commitment of these 2keer was 30 - but you got 40, - Euro back so 10, - euro profit!

Doubling your bet you did repeatedly until he fell to red, this way you had every time he fell on red 10, - euro profit.

If you like this than an hour did you often had between 200, - and 500, - euro profit per hour!

As many know, this strategy is now banned in all casinos both real and online casinos!


Now I want to share something with you (for the ones who love roulette.


Julie have heard of Binary Options?

These are online broker platforms where you can put a price or the next 60 seconds, up or down.

This put a sum, if you have the right to 60sec, you get 85% of your bet + your stake back.

To my surprise, that the “old roulette” strategy here of course to apply.

But I expected that this would not be accepted by the online brokers.

This is not the case .... I’ve been playing for a year now this system and achieve considerable gains in the evening hours by doing this.


My question is, who has it find out? or who does so also you? And which brokers play julie?

I myself play Options http://bit.ly/IQOPTIONSNL this because they also have a super fast app and you can pay with a lot off e-wallets.

The minimum deposit is only 10 euros, with other brokers is that at least 500 euros.

They also pay your winnings within 24 hours without waiting like many casinos.

If you want to try it once you can also create a Free Demo Account. http://bit.ly/IQOPTIONSNL


I hear your mixes and or experiences

Posted: 21 June 2016 08:24 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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There is no free lunch in the world.

Posted: 16 July 2016 10:03 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]
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Binary Options - take your money, lift the toilet lid, throw in as much spare money as you have, or go ahead and use borrowed

money as well…close the lid and flush the toilet.

Same result but you don’t need an internet connection.

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