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Even The Odds rebuilt system and renamed to Roulette Bet System
Posted: 01 December 2016 07:37 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Joined  2016-12-01

Hi Rouletters.
About six or seen years ago I used a program called roulette snipper, at first I was amazed, I even bought the program. I then started to and think about how it worked. I was learning ASP and writing websites as a way to try and make some cash. I wanted to build myself an on-line cash machine. So after much deliberation I embarked on writing an on-line system like roulette snipper but with better features. The more I studied the actual layouts of the roulette wheels the more I appreciated the complexity of the wheel design compared to the actual table layout and where chips could be placed. After about a year of writing ASP my site had grown into a cumbersome beast. The initial framework was only designed to count Cold numbers integrated with the martingale strategy, then I slipped in Hot numbers, then I looked at predicting where the roulette ball should actually land. After trials it became clear the martingale strategy had floors due to table limits and the amount you were trying to win back. I extended the the martingale theory to give more options, from a break even setting to being very greedy settings, it was about then I thought: what i I switched the bet to different Odds, I could win back the same amount with less investment. The ASP (Active Server Page - based web page programming language) scripts grew and grew, I had expanded and cut code in all over the place, looking back, I should have just re-written the whole thing from scratch but I was in to far. By the time it was live some of the function pages had over 500,000 lines of code each. As you can appreciate it was dragging its heals for every spin, I decided to use it against a Live Casino, within four hours I was £625.00 up. yippee. By this time the system was taking up to and above two minutes to run though the database and do its counts and show me where to place the chips. The system was completely useless against a Live roulette wheel, so I cashed up and went on holiday with my winnings.
I then embarked on a few other projects and learned PHP (a much better web based language) the stuff you could do with PHP was a breeze compared to ASP. Just being able to loop through different databases and add loops into loops cut down coding considerably. My projects didn’t actual go anywhere, I’d spend over £10,000.00 on domain names with an idea to sub let them incorporated with a chat server, smilies, likes, comments etc. I was trying to allow the invention of new domain name extensions, 3 years of writing and learning PHP and the site was ready for launch. Then all of a sudden they started releasing New domain name extensions. Dam another idea scuffled. By this time I’d knacker my back and had spinal fusion, that and arthritic neck problems I was signed off onto long term sick.

Not being a Jeremy Kyle fan or Tv addict, I found myself stuck at home with physical limitations. So I bit the bullet and looked and changing my Even The Odds ASP code into PHP, the mere thought of it nearly broke me. Nope it was use less, the ASP and framework was useless. The only thing to do was start from scratch, set out the objectives, build a dynamic robust framework and keep speed in mind. I could not look at or think about the whole project as one thing, I broke it down into bite size pieces and started writing, its taken over a year but all of my objectives have been achieved beyond my expectations, which have led to future improvements, but this time with a robust framework capable of simple integration without affecting performance.

The moral of the story is more about how to approach everyday life, don’t give up on your dreams if you believe in them, even if they go down the pan, there was something learned that would aid you in the future. If some looks to hard, break it into smaller chunks, be methodical, and if you get knocked down, maybe have a short rest, but do get back up, again and again.

I love roulette, and believe used correctly my site does beat any standard European or American roulette wheel, be it and Croupier, Auto Wheel or Computer (cgi program). I have used my new project and have noticed that certain settings work for certain types of wheels. The system is a real time roulette simulator which is 100% controlled by the member. I am now looking to add real time advanced simulation, so that the members can test various wager styles live to achieve the best possible outcome for every wheel they play, then I will be revisiting the prediction and wheel synchronization process. onwards and upwards. Let me know what you think, suggestions appreciated.  http://roulettebetsystem.com
All written by a completely ambidextrous dyslexic, which makes wring code and spotting mistakes extremely difficult, I once spend three days fault finding to discover one spelling mistakes, this doesn’t matter to much in text, but if its a mistake in the invisible code, the code will either not run or chuck up error messages. Nightmare to do but keeps my brain occupied and away from Kyle.

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