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A Roulette Strategy should be based on the actual roulette wheel, NOT the table.
Posted: 01 December 2016 09:09 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi Rouletters.
Every roulette wheel is different and has different habits, this applies to all roulette wheels even CGI (computer generated images) roulette wheels. Basing a strategy on the table alone ie. outer bets is not the best strategy. The actual wheel you are playing against needs to be studied/recorded and analyzed to determine any wheel habits. Wheel habits can occur from such things are worn Diamonds (deflectors) , a slight lean of the wheel ( the wheel is not 100% level) The roulette ball track wear, bent or worn fenders etc.
Everything that makes up the roulette wheel makes a difference, even CGI, if your playing against an on-line computer program the outcome can be completely different playing against exactly the same game at a different on-line Casino, this can be down to the server processing speed. The same applies to REAL roulette wheels, if you bought two brand new wheels and spun the roulette balls and rota’s at the same forces in the same directions from the same positions the outcome would be different. It may only be slight, but as bearings wear along with all the other physical parts of the wheel, over time the outcomes will slowly but surely drift apart.

Choosing the correct strategy for every wheel is the key to winning at roulette.

Keep it real, on bet what your prepared to lose. Set yourself betting limits, learn to quit be it at a loss or ahead.
If you’re using a strategy or system, the best advice is Little and Often. Login to an on-line Casino, make a few hundred quid, then try a different Casino for a while. Playing roulette will NOT make you a millionaire over night, unless you’re extremely LUCKY.

Playing sensibly within your betting limits can give you a comfortable income though, Casino owners are not there to give you cash, so if you are constantly winning, they will study you or even ban you from their games. Sometimes its good to LOSE just to through them off your sent.
So my advice is: nip in sneak a few hundred quid then get out, also watch to see how much others are winning, if there are also BIG betters playing at the same table, the heats not on you. go with your gut!!!

Remember keep it fun, its the thrill of winning and the rush I love.

Unhappy with all the systems for winning at roulette, I built my own: http://roulettebetsystem.com

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, suggestion’s considered and even written in.

Stay Lucky and enjoy..

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I will try it now wink


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