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My strategy
Posted: 15 January 2017 08:29 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hey Fellow Roulette Fans

I would like to share my roulette strategy for all. One I use regularly.

I thought I would share my strategy with everyone. Let me preface it by saying…...
    I understand nothing can really beat the house edge
    Each spin is not dependent on the previous spins
    And the martingale is a recipe for disaster

The strategy I use, can be used on any inside bet, but to illustrate I’ll deal with a straight up bet.

I wait for about 50 spins (sometimes I go to around 75) marking down the numbers as they appear. After the final no bet spin I bet on those numbers remaining. Sometimes (rarely there are none left) often there are about 10ish. I realise these past spins have no bearing on the future…....but it eases my conscious.

I then continue to bet on those numbers until they a) appear b) I’m satisfied I have won enough or c) I’ve lost 100 times (you could go longer if you wish….but that is the limit I set myself).

how I bet is follows…...
1 chip for 35
2 chip for 17
3 chip for 12

So the return is greatest at the start of the step and reduces as that step goes on down to the point it would be minimal profitability. Once you take the step to the next level profitability increases again.

So this is the system that I have been employing over the years. Is it 100% perfect and work every time? No! Sometimes the ball just doesn’t drop. But over the long haul I have come out in front. On one occasion I was using it on a 6 number bet…...whilst I was watching the table those 6 numbers went 49+ times before it came up

I also use it on the various other inside bets, I just adjust the numbers and steps to those bet types.

Another more risky variation that I ever so occasionally use is this…........

I treat each of the 37 numbers as a “business”.

I walk in and bet on all 37 numbers…....yes I know I lose on that bet. But that doesn’t worry me. Because that business has now “closed” and it was profitable.

As the numbers come up you “close” those businesses.

I then use the same stepped progression that I outlined above until a) hopefully all the numbers come up within 100 spins b) I’m happy with my winnings or c) 100 spins happens

So in ideal occasions all 37 numbers come up and all business close profitably. On not so successful days there may be a 1 or 2 or maybe more business still operating. And its just weather the winners outweigh the losers.

Is there a program that you could run it on to determine the profitability over a period of time?

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