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online poker rigged?
Posted: 21 April 2017 06:52 AM   [ Ignore ]
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i have found that after playing online on and off for 2years is much different than playing live poker.. let me explain why….

unlike the games in the casino where you would play the other players on your table to win pots. The cards are shuffled and randomly dealt to you. When you play on online poker you have to remember that its the computer who decides what hands are dealt to you and decides ultimately the outcome of the hand played. So what makes it so different? the casino dealers have no say in what cards are dealt or the fate that is instored for you when all five cards are down, but the computer does. Have you heard the expresion of “beating the game”? in this case its 100% correct! remember someone created the program to online poker and its the software you will have to beat.not your opponents. let me break it down for you… there are over 2.5 million combinations in poker hands, now what if… there are only 1million on a poker site? leaving all the boring hands out and canceling all the hands dealt with little or no action played on the tables. after all, it takes money to keep these sites up and running. and who wants to wait around watching the puck move from person to person as its folded around to the blinds (i dont.) think about it…? dealing over 2.5 million hand combinations is real time consumming and boring. hands take up to much player time and money. If you are amoung the 2million people like me who play online then there’s no needed to explain the billions of hands that play out and insane bad beats that occur online. but for a poker site the deals thousands of hands per min somone is to experience they’re share of bad beats you would think… or do you?

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