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Paid roulette system!
Posted: 27 February 2013 04:06 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Joined  2013-02-27

Get your mind straight.
Real good proper working unbeatable strategy is free.
Real strategy that is at least not shitty will ask for recognition and fame. Not money.
If you win $1000 a day, why would you ask 10$ from strangers?

No I would not. Non of you in the right mind would. Some ridicule me that his/her aim is only a few units a day or their strategy only manages that much a day but promised and that’s why they selling their system. Then my answer is always 1000 can also be 1 unit.

If your strategy work, why would you worry? As most people hide behind their losses and show the winnings then claim winners.

I just want to point out that. No strategy should require you to play. If it does, there are flaws. Wait for the flaws to be patched or destroyed the strategy itself after sometime before we(I would like to think of myself as, smart people) make our moves. In the meantime, our shitty strategy which may/may not work is still at least the same if not better than any paid strategy.

Impossible to lose if I do it like this. If I do it that way. If your strategy claims to work by betting every game, it might work. But it’s definitely not work a single cent. If it is worth, you would kept it a secret or the house can counter you(like card counting in bj. Now they uses 6 deck shufflers. ). If its worth anything, even by combining 100000 people’s work. You won’t want a cent but fame or at least recognition being placed side to side with likes of labouchere and Fibonacci. I believe in gambling world where house have so much funds n you trying to rip $10 or $20 off players is a terrible conduct as a fellow gamblers.



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