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    Hello All and thank you for your forums.
    I am 50 miles from Dover Downs where we have 3 14 ft tables with a hard surface, had some good rolls there. I’m 15 minuets from Ocean Downs Md. where they have a 12 ft bouncy table which drives me nuts at times.
    Any advice on shooting on a bouncy surface would be welcomed.
    At 60 / yo I have a lot of time to visit my local Ocean Downs table and find it a lot of fun.
    I do sales & marketing for a local Co and seem to find my last stop of the day being close to the casino lol.

    Be Safe, Clay. S.M.I.B.
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    Idaho, USA
    I know what you mean. I was an IT geek in the day supporting field sites for the facilities management division of a construction company. I would drive to a site whenever possible even if it meant taking a day of vacation. The official reason was that I needed a flexible schedule; a system or application installation or upgrade might take the three hours the documentation said it would, or three days if things went "poof" at an inopportune time. The unofficial reason was that I could usually arrange my route to pass by at least one casino. Never could get the accountants to accept the "loss from investments" line on my expense reports. :oops:
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